New Updates 19/05

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our website and today we are bringing you not one, but two new features!

The first of our new features is the Events section: here you can advertise your events that are happening in the Stranraer area - for free.

Once you have logged in to your account, you will see that there is a new "My Events" section in the dashboard. Here you can: create, update, feature and remove your events.

Featuring an event works much the same way as featuring a listing: your event will be moved to the top of the Events page for the selected time period.

The second feature: we have integrated with the TripAdvisor ratings and reviews platform. So now you can display your ratings and reviews on your listing! (No need to start again from scratch)

This isn't just for new listings, if you have already added your business you can still link your TripAdvisor page by updating your listing and following the instructions at the bottom of the form. (Just before the save updates button)

It is up to you whether you link your TripAdvisor page but we would certainly recommend it.

Click here to see them in place on a listing

Trip Advisor Reviews